We are excited to offer you many unique and individually designed graphics as well as high end quality pictures. All graphics have been designed exclusively by Nordis Atelier for Postal Bottles and cannot be found anywhere else.

Our Postal Bottles come in four different colors - red, blue, clear and orange. They are made of plastic, weigh 1oz and are about 6.7 inches long, 2.8 inches wide and believe it or not only as thick as a thumb.

Within each Postal Bottle you can find a half page scroll specifically designed to fit our product. Each scroll is rolled up and held together by a rubber band. You also have the option to add on seashells and/or confetti, where available or the customer can do it themselves. Please note that increasing the weight of the bottle may increase the postage.

To ensure the cork stays on tight it can be closed with the tape from the bottle neck. Each Postal Bottle comes with the front label, a graphic or a picture as well as a back label better known as the address label, intended for the address of your Postal Bottle recipient.

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